Welcome to the Compliance Training Base

Dear Valeo Business Partner,

Why is Valeo asking suppliers to follow the antitrust and anti-bribery awareness development program? 
It is Valeo policy to comply with the laws of the countries in which Valeo teams operate. As reflected in the Valeo Business Partners Code of Conduct, Valeo expects its business partners to adhere as well to equally high ethical standards and to comply with Valeo's related policies and guidelines. 
With this in mind, Valeo has created two presentations aimed at increasing its business partners' awareness of anti-bribery and antitrust legislations and to help them and their teams understand Valeo compliance program.

Who should take the courses?
This awareness development program is highly recommended for all business partners but is a must for all their employees who may be acting in the name of or on behalf of Valeo and for engineers, contractors or third parties supporting Valeo project development teams.

What do you get from these presentations?
The presentation helps better understand: 
- the laws, regulations and compliance expectations from clients like Valeo
- the risks that Valeo is determined to combat and avoid by all means and its related policies and expectations
Business partners' employees will be able to choose between language options once they login to take the course/s.

How do I access the courses? 
You should have received a code from your Valeo contact that will allow you to take the courses. If you have not received a code, please contact your Valeo contact.

1.      Click on a course below.

2.      Login or create a new account.

3.      Confirm your email.

4.      Login and click on a course.

5.      Type in the code or enrolment key.

6.      Select the language you want to take the course in.

7.      Launch the course.

8.      Follow steps 5-7 if you wish to take a second course.

Thank you! 
Thank you for your cooperation in support of Valeo's global Compliance and Integrity approach. Feel free to share any obsevation with your Valeo contact or Valeo Compliance Office that can be reached at 33 1 40 55 29 17.

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